Businesswoman inspires students

Students from the International University of Management (IUM) say observance of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Day is a good platform for them to sharpen their minds when it comes to business. An educational student at IUM, Saima Erasmus, says the introduction of the day, along with the presence of inspiring and experienced business persons such as Twapewa Kadhikwa, offered a lot in terms of learning to future businesswomen.

I learned to believe in myself, to have self-confidence on the way forward to be a business person, and how to tackle all sorts of challenges when I want to start a business, says Erasmus. She adds that from now on she will be creative, a quick thicker and creator of new ideas when it comes to starting a business. Tomas Absalom, who is studying business administration at the institution, says learning more about business was a great feeling as she always struggles with creativity when it comes to business ideas. I was inspired, especially by the businesswoman Twapewa Kadhikwa who rose from being a hairdresser, says Absalom. Speaking at the event, young research assistant and intellectual property officer at IUM, Seno Namwandi, opened many students' eyes by talking about different ideas of starting up a small business. She advised young entrepreneurs to be aware of copyrights and protect their business ideas from being stolen. Before you start talking about your own business protect your ideas with copyrights and that way no one will ever steal your ideas because they are protected, says Namwandi.

World Entrepreneurs Day is normally celebrated on August 21 worldwide. IUM this year took a step ahead to launch its first day of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at its campus to equip students' with business ideas. Apart from that some students and other businesses exhibited their products at the campus to encourage upcoming entrepreneurs.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia