Cabinet approves mega incentives for athletesalmost a million for team sports winners

Cabinet recently approved new and improved incentives for local athletes, with those winning gold medals at international competitions now guaranteed to walk away with almost a million in monetary enticements.

The new and mega incentives are contained in the latest Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) Reward Policy, which Cabinet recently gave a stamp of approval, and further directed that the Sports Ministry budgets for the required financial resources through its normal budgetary process under its vote.

Cabinet also approved that, if so required and deemed necessary, the ministry should bestow Order of Merit on athletes who are deserving of such accolades, as long as such bestowment is in line with the national honours system.

The latest reward policy also provides a clear roadmap on athlete's preparation grants, incentives for medal winners at continental competitions like the All Africa Games and the African Championships as well as international competitions such as Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Special Olympics.

The latest reward policy, in the case of individual performance, makes it mandatory that an athlete who wins gold at the Olympic and Paralympic Games received a monetary incentive of N$200 000, while a silver medalist receives N$150 000 and bronze winner gets N$100 000.

Harmoniously, it was also decided that the coaches of the winning athletes will equally be rewarded, with the coach of the gold winner taking home N$80 000 and mentor of the silver medalist gets N$60 000, while coach of the bronze medalist will receive N$40 000 in incentives.

Gold winners at World Championships are guaranteed N$100 000 and the silver and bronze medalists will each receive N$80 000 and N$50 000 respectively. Their coaches will receive as follows; gold medal (N$50 000), silver (N$30 000) and bronze (N$20 000).

For winners at the Commonwealth Games and All Africa Games, the gold winner will be rewarded with N$80 000, silver medalist with N$60 000 and bronze medalist will take home N$40 000. Their mentors will receive as follows; gold (N$35 000), silver (N$25 000) and bronze (N$15 000).

Winners at the Special Olympics Winter and Summers Games will also get to walk away with handsome rewards, with the gold medalist promised to pocket N$40 000, silver medalists N$30 000 and bronze winner N$20 000. The winners coaches will receive as follows; gold (N$20 000), silver (N$15 000) and bronze (N$10 000).

The recent policy also puts great emphasis on team sports, and has made provision for mega incentives for various national teams that will excel beyond the country's borders.

Namibian teams of more than 10 athletes competing in global competitions such as the World Cup, Olympics, Paralympics and World Championships are guaranteed N$800 000 for winning gold, N$500 000 for silver and N$350 000 for scooping a bronze medal at any of those competitions.

The teams' coaches will get N$400 000 for gold, N$200 000 for silver and N$100 000 for bronze.

But for national teams competing in team sports that require less than 10 athletes to compete, the above-mentioned rewards will be cut by 50 percent as listed on those categories.

Local teams competing in team sports at the Commonwealth Games and All Africa Games will be rewarded with N$500 000 for gold, N$300 000 for silver and N$200 000 for bronze, while the teams' coaches will be rewarded as follows; N$150 000 for gold, N$100 000 for silver and N$80 000 for bronze.

For winners at the Special Olympics Winter and Summers Games, it will be a handsome N$150 000 for gold, N$100 000 for silver and N$80 000 for bronze, while the coaches receives as follows; N$100 000 for gold, N$80 000 for silver and N$60 000 for bronze

For athletes' preparation grants for continental and international competitions, national teams will get N$120 000 to prepare with, while the coaches will get N$24 000 a month.

It is however, important to note that the latest reward policy only apply to amateur athletes as professional athletes receive their monetary rewards through their various international structures.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia