Cannabis possession accused granted N.dollars 8 000 bail at Keetmanshoop

One of the five man arrested in April with cannabis worth N.dollars 1.8 million in their possession was granted bail in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Information provided by the court on Friday indicated that the accused, Rudolf Witbooi 42, appeared before Magistrate Olivia Van der Colff who granted him bail of N.dollars 8 000 on condition the accused surrenders all his travelling documents to the investigation officer.

Witbooi should report himself to the offices of the drug enforcement unit on Monday and Friday between 08h00 and 12h00.

The State was represented by Colleen Yisa while Florian Beukes represented Witbooi.

Witbooi was arrested on 18 April 2019 along with George Kangootui, 45; Johannes Brandt, 38; VitjuukuaijeTjitemisa 22 and Lluweln Joseph, 33; between Keetmanshoop and Tses with cannabis weighing 216 kilogrammes.

During their first appearance on 23 April 2019, the accused persons were denied bail because police investigations were at an early stage.

The men were arrested 22 kilometres outside Keetmanshoop by police officers headed to court in Keetmanshoop. The police became suspicious when they saw items being loaded from the truck into two smaller cars.

The police also confiscated N.dollars 19 000 from the accused.

One of the accused was driving the truck that entered Namibia from South Africa through the Ariamsvlei border post.

Witbooi and Tjitemisa are on bail while the other three are remanded in custody at the Keetmanshoop Police holding cells till their next court appearance on 28 August 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency