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Divine Intervention inspires Basson’s latest art exhibition

Flying crosses, church buildings and a hooded monk carrying a bible are just some of the fascinating works of celebrated Namibian artist Pieter Basson, who is currently exhibiting at the Franco Namibian Culture Centre (FNCC).A total of 26 framed pieces...

African Palm Corp. va lancer la production d’huile de palme en Guinée-Bissau, en Afrique occidentale

– Les opérations d’African Palm Corp. constitueront un investissement considérable dans les économies locales et pour les PNB du groupe de pays ouest-africains participants. –  Afin de minimiser l’impact environnemental de ses opérations en Guinée-Bissau, African Palm Corp. a signé

African Palm Corp. to Launch Palm Oil Production in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

– African Palm Corp.’s operations will mean considerable investment in local economies and GDPs for the cluster of participating West African countries. –  With the goal to minimize the environmental impact of its operations in Guinea-Bissau, African Palm Corp. signed

Omuthiya BMX club in serious need of funding

Omuthiya-The gloomy financial cloud that continues to hang over the Namibian sports sector has not spared Omuthiya BMX Club, which is in dire financial straits.The club is struggling to set up its own training grounds although it has already been

Agra MaltahAlhe to host customer day

Windhoek-Excitement is building up among the farming community and residents of MaltahAlhe for the customer day to be held this coming Friday at the newly revamped Agra branch in the town's main street. The modern new complex will swing open

Le Symposium sur la fiscalité africaine de l’IBFD arrive au Kenya

AMSTERDAM, Pays-Bas, 17 avr. 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Le 4e Symposium sur la fiscalité africaine de l’IBFD réunit des spécialistes de la fiscalité issus du secteur, des sociétés, des pouvoirs publics, de la société civile et du monde judiciaire afin