CCM Praises Police for Quick Response

THE Catering and Contracts Management (CCM) company in Rosh Pinah has praised the local police for their prompt response, which led to the arrest of thieves who broke into the company’s workshop.

The thieves allegedly got away with goods valued at N$45 000, including a laptop, power cable, two cameras, portable welding torch with two gas bottles and an undisclosed amount of cash on 12 February this year.

Two suspects were arrested at a mobile road roadblock set up after the company had reported the case.

Commending the police for a well-done job, CCM managing director Glenn Schluter appealed to the public to help the police explore alternatives to combat crime through community policing.

For his part, Rosh Pinah police station commander, Inspector Junias Hamunyela, pointed out that the influx of people from rural areas in search of job opportunities was one of the contributing factors for the increased criminal activities at the mining town.

Hamunyela emphasised the importance of community policing and called for collective efforts to combat crime at the town.