Celebrating Ernst Van Biljon’s 43 Years of Choral Excellence

ONE of Namibia’s most sought-after and respected choir conductors will be celebrated next week as those he has influenced gather to honour his legacy.

Ernst van Biljon has elevated Namibian choral music globally, showcasing local talent at international competitions and shows.

He has led many young Namibians in seeing the world, doing what they love and has helped to raise the standards for upcoming choirs.

Hailing from the Orange Free State, Biljon moved to Namibia in 1971 when he took up the position of piano lecturer at the then State Conservatoire of Music now known as the College of the Arts in Windhoek, Namibia.

In his 43 years of conducting, composing and teaching voice, he has paved the way for many Namibian choirs to showcase their music locally and abroad through his unwavering judgement and continual commitment to the improvement of choral music standards in Namibia.

He has conducted The Windhoek Youth Choir, started in 1975, Cantare Audire established in 1978, Namibia National Youth Choir and Children’s Choir which began in 1994, Young Singers of Namibia brought to life in 2002, Nedbank Singers in 2004 and the world acclaimed Voices of Namibia who won Namibia’s first ever gold medal at the World Choir Olympics in Shaoxing, China in 2010.

Singers who have performed with him over the years have seen it fit to celebrate his career as well as years of choral excellence in Namibia through an evening of choral music to be hosted on Saturday, 13 September at the DHPS hall. The concert starts at 19h30. Tickets are available at COTA, Medisun Pharmacy in Wernhill Park and International Pharmacy at AeGams Centre in Klein Windhoek for N$70. Refreshments and snacks will be on sale.

The concert will comprise various guest conductors, soloists and choirs such as the COTA Choir, Femme Vocale and Windhoeker Mannerchor, former members of the Namibia National Youth Choir and Cantare Audire, Johne Titus-Louw, Jesse Goliath and many more.

Source : The Namibian