Centre offers Grade 10s and 12s August exam camp

Windhoek: A new service offers additional support to learners who are struggling to prepare for their final examinations.

The Khomas Academic Centre was registered in 2013, while operating from home to assist individual learners after school, who have difficulty in certain subjects. The main objectives of the Centre are to compliment classroom education by offering focused tutorials: empowerment for all through tuition.

The Centre specialises in the revision of the Grade 10 and 12 syllabuses by helping learners in subjects they have difficulty grasping. It teaches the learners how to answer examination questions in different ways, for example when the question asks them to apply or list anything. The Centre also provides motivational talks.

The Centre is inviting intakes for an Examination Camp this month for the Grade 10 and 12 learners – whether studying full-time or part-time. This is the first camp the Centre is hosting. To qualify, learners need to be registered for Grade 10 and 12 examinations this year and should be writing their examinations at the end of this year.

The camp will be held on August 17-21 at N$600 per learner, including lunch. The Centre uses among the best-qualified and experienced teachers currently teaching in schools. Learners have until this Friday to register and pay their fees. Only special circumstances will be dealt with on Monday.

The camp takes place at the Dawid Bezuidenhout Secondary School from 07:30- 15:00 with a lunch break. Only a maximum of 700 learners will be admitted to keep the classes small enough (20) for the teachers to give each learner the necessary attention.

Classes would only be held during the day and no learners will be allowed to overnight at the Centre. Learners from outside Windhoek will have to make family arrangements so that the Centre does not incur additional responsibilities at this initial phase.

The Khomas Academic Centre was registered in 2013, while operating from home, in assisting individual learners with difficult subjects after school. It plans to launch a face-to-face full-time tutorial centre in January.

At that time the Centre management, as well as the Board of Trustees, will be introduced to the public. The tutorial centre is expected to accommodate Grade 10 and 12 learners who did not make in the full-time stream. Williams Kuzatjike currently manages the Centre.