Charcoal Producers in Otiwarongo to Discuss Improved Harvest Methods

The management of the Namibian Charcoal Producers Association (NCPA) met on August 6, at Otjiwarongo. Even though the demand for Namibian charcoal has increased drastically, the charcoal production has decreased systematically. Improved harvest methods and burning technology to increase production in order to develop the potential of this commodity fully, will have to be investigated. The current harvest methods of chopping down with axes and pangas and burning in the current one man kiln, is not good enough. The current methods also create a health threat due to the smoke and fire danger. It was also decided to hold a Charcoal Conference on Wednesday, October 15, under the theme of “Improved technology for increased production”. Willem Groenewald has resigned as chairperson from the Association and Frans Holzkampf will temporary act as chairman until a new chairman will be elected at the Conference. Groenewald will however remain as a management member and chairperson of the Forestry Council.

Source : New Era