Cheetah fund sends Kangal dogs to Tanzania

RCP’s Ayoub Msago (left) with Dr. Laurie Marker (centre left), along with Livestock Guarding Dog Programme Manager Ana Bradley (center right) and Small Stock Manager, Tyapo Toivo (right). The dogs they hold are on their way to Tanzania to become the nucleus of a breeding programme for guard dogs to protect livestock from predators.The four young dogs from the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) sent to Ruaha Carnivore Project in Tanzania have arrived safely and are said to be doing fine.
 The dogs arrived on 8 November at the Ruaha Carnivore Project and are from the CCF’s Livestock Guard Dog programme.
With the arrival of these dogs, CCF will share this highly effective predator-friendly control technique with livestock herders in Tanzania.
The four dogs, two male and two female, are Kangals, a breed famous in its native Turkey for guarding small livestock herds against wolves and bears for thousands of years .