Chinese Assaulted, Robbed of N$300 000 and Car

A CHINESE businessman at Uis was severely beaten up by four suspects on Monday, before they stole N$300 000 cash and his vehicle.

Two suspects were arrested yesterday in the Usakos area but according to Erongo’s Police Chief Commissioner Samuel Hoebeb, the vehicle has not been recovered yet.

According to information received from Uis residents, the attack occurred at around 18h00 while the man was doing stock-taking. Four men entered the shop and overpowered him, severely beating him and taking the money, car keys and vehicle before fleeing.

Some residents believe that the robbery may be linked to another robbery about a week ago where the safe of the village council’s office was stolen. The safe only contained N$700.

“The shop is a stone’s throw from the police station. This is a wake-up call to Uis. I am a bit concerned as it seems Uis is now the target of robbers. This is really a matter of concern,” former village council acting CEO and aspirant businessman Sadrag Thourob said.

Hoebeb did not want to say more, and yesterday said that he will reveal all the details during a press conference today.

Source : The Namibian