Christian Democratic Voice to Take Part in Elections

VICE president of the Christian Democratic Voice party Oswin Kampala said his party will take part in the November elections.

Kampala said the party has received feedback from the Electoral Commission of Namibia that they can take part in the elections.

The Bible-based C was established in 2012, and had subsequently submitted their registration forms to the Electoral Commission of Namibia with 500 names of registered members attached.

The party, which stands to commit itself to the African Union and the European Union, believes that a society build on foundations of good morals will stand the test of time.

“Our society is marred by economic exploitation, poverty, homelessness, family breakdown and neglect of the elderly. The list goes on. Ours is a nation that rewards selfishness and avoids responsibilities,” said Kampala.

The party’s mission is to help re-claim Namibian political institutions and culture to the glory of God and to aance Christian principles for re-uniting the nation.

The president of the party is Gotthard Kandume.

Source : The Namibian