City of Windhoek cleaners share grievances with AR

Hundreds of City of Windhoek (COW) contract cleaners gathered at Soweto Market to share their complaints regarding working conditions with Affirmative Repositioning (AR) leadership in the capital on Sunday.

Speaking at the gathering, AR leader Job Amupanda among others said the cleaners faced many challenges and he will help them to air their grievances.

Some of these cleaners have been working for more than 10 years on contract and they don't have any employment benefit, he said.

He added that he will take the matter up with relevant authority and as far as to the President of the country so that amicable solution can be reached.

We want this to be solved before elections otherwise the situation will remain the same after elections, but the good thing is the local authority election is next year, added Amupanda.

Padelia Hamukwaya who worked for 20 years as contract worker urged the COW to employ them permanently.

It is really not fair to work those years on contract without pension, medical and other employment benefits, she claimed.

Edwin Mbuende, who worked for 12 years said that the N.dollars 3 600 is too little to sustain himself considering the inflation rate.

It is really unfair to work on contract for such a long period and getting that little at the end of the month, Mbuende added.

He added that they are not even medically tested as they collecting dirty things in locations and in river beds.

Eliaser Amunwe who worked for 20 years suggested the municipality to increase their salary if it cannot employ them permanently.

When queried about the workers plies, Cow Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise told Nampa that the cleaners only join the municipality recently.

We brought them back almost a year as they were working under private contractors for those many years. We cancel the contract with the intention of empowering the workers, Kahimise echoed.

He added that the workers are now far better than N.dollars 1 500 or N.dollars 2 500 they were getting comparing N.dollars 3 600.

Where can we get that money, is it from rate payers? We cannot employ them permanent, said the CEO.

The COW employ more than 600 contract cleaners.

Source: Nambia Press Agency