Civil war in Namibia a fallacy: Angula

Former Defence Minister, Nahas Angula says there are no signs of a potential civil erupting in Namibia and that claims of potential civil strife at best remains an imagination by those who preach that gospel.

Angula said this during an in-depth interview with Nampa ahead of the country's 30th political independence anniversary next month.

For the former Cabinet minister, the possibility of a civil war engulfing Namibia is a dream far-fetched.

He attributed Namibians' anger to the unequal distribution of resources, the use of public office for personal gain and outright theft by those entrusted with the State purse.

[For] those who are telling us [about] the possibility of a civil war, they should tell us who is going to start the civil war and for what reason and where will this person get the weapons to start the civil war? he asked.

He went on to dismiss the whole civil war notion.

There is nothing like that. It is just an imagination of somebody who is guilty because he has taken too much from the public, he dismissed.

He said those who fear that a civil uprising is imminent in Namibia must come out clean as to what they have stolen from the masses.

He thinks that the people know what this person has taken from the public [and] the people are angry. People, of course, are angry. They are angry because they want to share in the Namibian endowment. If you are talking about a civil war, for that I that is just a scare scroll, he postulated.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a recent public event, Deputy Safety Minister Daniel Kashikola said the civil war rhetoric was being exaggerated.

However, the deputy minister was quick to point out that as security agencies, they remain prepared for anything at all times.

On the contrary, police boss Sebastian Ndeitunga has in recent times hinted that there were signs of a potential civil war on several occasions.

He also said they would deal with young ones who insult national leaders on social media.

We will deal with you, he was quoted as saying.

Reports further suggest that President Hage Geingob has seen signs of a civil war building up in Namibia as some failed politicians are instigating young people into oblivion.

Source: Namibia Press Agency