Close to 30,000 needy people benefit from Namib Mills nutrition initiative

Windhoek-For the past eleven years Namib Mills, the country's largest grain processing company, has been supporting 215 registered charity organisations throughout the country.

These institutions and their beneficiaries, which include children, orphans and pensioners, receive basic foodstuff on a monthly basis from Namib Mills' feeding scheme, the Namib Mills Free of Charge initiative. This year another 30 charities have been added following the 64 charities that were taken on in 2016, totalling 309 feeding schemes benefitting from the initiative.

The heart of the Namib Mills Free of Charge initiative is giving preference to those in need of daily nutrition who do not have access to food on a daily basis due to socio-economic situations beyond their control, e.g. vulnerable children, orphans, pensioners, HIV/AIDS sufferers, AIDS orphans and others.

A key focus area for the company, as a corporate citizen, is nutrition and access to basic foodstuffs with the aim of building and nourishing healthy communities.

Each organisation caters and looks after around 50 to 250 vulnerable children and elders, which makes the total reach of beneficiaries that are given food on a monthly basis close to 30,000.

The overall donations amount to 300 tonnes of basic food, which include but is not limited to maize meal, pasta and rice, with a total retail value of over N$2.8 million.

Through the Free of Charge initiative, Namib Mills and her employees work tirelessly to enrich the hearts of those who do not have access to basic food on a daily basis.

Being a responsible corporate citizen, the company is committed to Namibia and supports the country's fight against poverty alleviation and eradication.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia