Communication vital aspect of development: Nawatiseb

Deputy minister of Information and Communication Technology, Engelbrecht Nawatiseb has said that one important aspect of development is communication at the official commissioning of the Mobile Telecommunication (MTC) network tower at Soris Soris Village in the Khorixas constituency on Friday.

Speaking at the occasion, Nawatiseb said that 'Vison 2030' promises to accomplish the transformation of Namibia into a knowledge based, highly competitive, industrialised and eco-friendly nation with sustainable economic growth and high quality of life.

Hence this tower like many others across the country which MTC has erected at a great cost and many more that is envisaged to be build according to the its master plan, it is not an end in themselves but a means towards the end. The end is the empowerment of our people wherever they may find themselves in the four corners of our country in the 14 regions and 121 constituencies, he said.

Nawatiseb added that separate development is a misnomer because Apartheid and Colonialism in Namibia was simply meant for the development of the minority and underdevelopment and neglect of the majority of indigenous people.

The tower was built at a cost of close to N.dollars 3 000 000 and MTC has already build 13 towers in Kunene region since the 081EVERY1 projects started in 2017, and plans to build three more in the near future.

Speaking at the occasion, board chairperson of MTC , Elvis Nashilongo said rural communities cannot reach their full economic potential in the absence of infrastructural and technological challenges such as the inaccessibility of mobile network and broadband internet access.

'This tower will undoubtedly ease the burden of not accessing basic services on time and therefore improve the living standards of those living in and around this area.This tower is surely a very important milestone in the business processes we undertook in identifying the most vulnerable areas in this region. MTC looks forward to extending our network coverage in more areas of the mighty Kunene region,' he said.

The tower will benefit the communities of Soris Soris, Ani#gab and farms in the souring areas of the two villages.