Concert leaves music lovers craving more

Windhoek-It was another memorable moment at the residence of the German ambassador on Sunday night when the Musai Quartet from Germany gave an electrifying live performance.

To create a relaxing atmosphere for the occasion, guests were invited to take along picnic food, blankets and chairs.

This set the scene for a romantic night, which it seemed guests could not to have enough of, enjoying a night filled with classical music in the open air.

More than 50 invited guests were in for a real treat, at an event that could be described as a 'not to be missed' show, with the group performing classical jazz music for about 45 minutes.

Those who attended couldn't stop craving for more. The artists from the Musai Quartet are Charlotte Kraemer, a member of the Federal Youth Orchestra, and Concertmaster of the Junge Deutschen Philharmonie (German Youth Philharmonic Orchester).

Another member is Concertmaster of the Theatre Altenburg Gera in the county of Thuringen. Eva Schall a violinist, who after her bachelor's degree at the School for Music Franz List in Weimar, is now pursuing her masters in Freiburg. She impressed many on the occasion.

Musai Quartet includes Jenifer Miller, who studied music in the town of Nurnberg, and will now commence her masters at the Academy of Music in the town of Weimar.

She has also been playing music for the Hamburg Opera House in Germany, where she captured many a hearts with her performances.

Lastly, the quarter includes Zuzanna Sosnorska, who did her masters at the School for Music Franz List in Weimar, did not disappoint.

She is an award winner at international cello competitions in Poland, Croatia, Canada, Serbia, Austria and Chile.

She has so far performed in Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands and won a scholarship through the programme of the prime minister of Poland as well as being a Charlotte Krupp scholar.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia