Conservancies call for review of Human Wildlife Conflict Scheme

The Human Wildlife Conflict Self Reliance Scheme aimed at providing compensation to directly offset the losses of communities and individual farmers caused to livestock and crops, is in need of a proper review in order to develop mitigation measures.
With the approval of the National Policy on Human Wildlife Conflict, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) introduced the Scheme, which started as a pilot project and later turned into a policy. In 2009, the Scheme was awarded N$60,000 as start up capital and recently received N$10 million to run its mitigation activities.
However, there are concerns as to whether the Scheme can sustain itself as the administration costs are said to be high. According to Chief Control Warden at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Uatirohange Tjiuoro, the Scheme does not take into account injuries caused by wildlife as well as crop damage. He said the Scheme also focused less on mitigation measures and that the resources to meet all the demands of the conservancies were limited.