Conservancies complain of lack of donors

An inspired audience participated in the Communal Conservancies Chairperson Forum held in Windhoek this week. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)Conservancy officials representing  five regions are concerned that many conservancies are not receiving enough funding to enable them to carry out their activities.
The representatives from the South, North Central, Central, North West and North East regions said the challenges experienced by conservancies greatly outweigh their achievements and the major challenge they all faced was a lack of funding.
The representatives presented their findings during a Communal Conservancies Chairperson Forum held earlier this week. The forum was aimed at providing opportunities for conservancies, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, line ministries and partners to reflect and deliberate on issues pertaining to the management of communal conservancies.
Representatives argued that although the conservancies benefit through the Community Based Tourism programme, they are still faced with challenges which include poor tourism information centers, poor marketing strategies, veld fires and bush encroachment amongst others.