Construction of SSC maternal shelters commences

The Social Security Commission (SSC) launched the construction of a maternal shelter to the cost of N.dollars 10 million near Outapi District Hospital in the Omusati Region's Outapi Constituency on Thursday.

Minister of Labor, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, ErkkiNghimtina officiated at the launch of the construction, accompanied by, amongst others, Swapo secretary-general Sophia Shaningwa and the governor of the Omusati Region, ErginusEndjala.

Speaking at the event, Nghimtina indicated that the SSC invested a total N.dollars 30 million in the establishment of maternal shelters in the country.

Besides Outapi, Nghimtina said, two others SSC-sponsored maternal shelters are to be at KatimaMulilo in the Zambezi Region and Rundu in the Kavango East Region.

According to him, the ground-breaking for the construction of the KatimaMulilo maternal shelter took place late last year and its completion would be this year in September.

Nghimtina pointed out that construction of the nine-room Outapi shelter is to be completed in February next year, while the establishment of the Rundu shelter will be launched also with a ground-breaking ceremony in the near future.

He suggested prudent use of the funds for the intended purpose, and also urged users and managers of the shelters to take good care of them.

Shelters at KatimaMulilo and Rundu also worth N.dollars 10 million each. Establishment of maternal shelters is a new concept in Namibia, following public outcry over the suffering of expectant mothers camping out in the immediate vicinities of hospitals seeking for the healthcare before giving birth.

Source: Namibia Press Agency