CORRECTION: Parents are to blame for children’s acts: Pohamba


WINDHOEK: First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba says parents do not talk to their children in good time about sexual reproductive health issues, which turn out problematic in the long run.

Pohamba made this statement during the Second Rural Women’s Parliament with Male Partners here on Tuesday.

The Second Rural Women’s Parliament with Male Partners is taking place under the theme “Moving Forward – Breaking the Cycle. The time is now”.

The four-day event commenced on Tuesday, and will focus on topics like economic development as well as maternal health issues.

More than 30 rural women and men are in attendance.

Pohamba said parents do not tell their children the whole truth about important topics, but rather wait until the child becomes a teenager and makes wrong choices, such as falling pregnant or impregnating a girl at an early age.

“As parents, we do not talk to our children on time. What we do quite so often is blame them on wrong choices made without the necessary education that should have been there from the start,” the First Lady said when she deviated from the official statement she had prepared.

It is ignorance on the part of parents which leads to young people taking their own lives, as well as the ever-increasing baby-dumping in the country, she added.

“If one has to think very well, parents are in a position to prevent these gruesome acts from happening, and to a certain extent parents are somewhat also at fault for these acts,” she suggested.

The First Lady also expressed concern that the girl-child is brought up differently than the boy-child.

The girl-child is made to do everything, from cleaning to cooking, while the boy-child just lazes around like “a king watching television”.

“Both the boy and girl-children should be trained to carry out all activities around the house equally,” Pohamba stressed.

The first Rural Women’s Parliament including Male Partners was held here in 2012.