Council Finally Launched

AFTER its initial formation a few months ago, the Fashion Council of Namibia (FCN) was officially launched yesterday, rendering a sigh of relief for industry enthusiasts.

Hosted at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC), the event saw the attendance of fashion personalities ranging from models, designers, television hosts and fashion lecturers.

Speaking at the event, Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC) CEO Bryan Ramkilawan expressed joy that the FCN was finally off the ground after a long journey. He proceeded to remind those in attendance of the council’s various responsibilities, which include helping designers in their business endeavours and identifying retail opportunities for designers amongst other duties.

“The key thing about what designers do is their contribution to the economy of a country and not jut designing,” he said.

The newly created council is made up of a seven member board of individuals from across the fashion spectrum. They are Odile Muller, Luis Munana, Marcelle van Wyk (chairperson), Charlotte Schoeman, Bruna Coimbra, Chakirra Claasen and Gretta Gaspar.

The FCN will thus be involved in CTFW projects that may see Namibian fashion designers get exciting opportunities ranging from Project Runway Africa, shared workshops, trade fairs and international projects, etc.

Gaspar reiterated the government’s continued support for the fashion industry. “Although the FCN has undergone obstacles, we remain confident of the capabilities of the tasks at hand … It is of great significance that we continue to solicit the support amongst the stakeholders and partnership and wish that this continued support will form the basis of a growing fashion industry that we’ve been looking forward to.”

When fully running, the FCN will have wide reaching benefits for the Namibian fashion industry and for the country as well. These benefits include penetration of international markets through exports, strengthening of Namibian designers’ presence in the retail sector and also the creation of a g footprint for Namibian fashion to be recognised internationally. The council will also foster the long overdue need for formalisation of the industry.

Source : The Namibian