Councillor upset that father not arrested for raping stepdaugther

Oshakati-The councillor of Okalongo Constituency, Laurentius Iipinge, is concerned about a minor girl who was allegedly raped multiple times by her stepfather yet the family and the state appear reluctant to open a rape docket for the culprit to be arrested.

The alleged rape victim, identified as a 17-year-old, is allegedly to have been raped by her stepfather over a period of almost three years, starting when she was 14 years old. The rape is said to have been reported to the police this year.

The people are residents of Onandjamba-B village.

The child needs assistance from the government but up to now she did not get any help, Iipinge said.

Omusati police spokesperson Warrant Officer Lineekela Shikongo confirmed that he is aware of the matter but says no case was registered with the police.

He said the child was taken to hospital as is a usual procedure for rape victims and even though the wife was asked to open a case against her husband she chose not to do so.

Shikongo says the police will not be able to arrest the suspect without any case opened against him.

Iipinge says he received calls from members of the community and the media that a rape was allegedly committed. He then confirmed the report with the police station at Onandjamba.

The girl allegedly reported the incident to the mother several times and the stepfather's sister who both allegedly decided to keep it a secret.

It is reported that the stepfather apparently takes his stepdaughter out of the house to unknown places and then forceful has sexual intercourse with her.

Last week she escaped while on their way to one of the usual places and ran to the police station to report the matter. The concerned councillor said although the victim has reported the case to the police, no rape case was opened against the suspect, who is alleged to have fled his homestead and is still in hiding.

Iipinge called on parents to act with immediate effect to protect minor children from rape and other abuse.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia