COVID-19 has humbled us’: Shaningwa

 Swapo secretary-general (SG) says the coronavirus is a humbling pandemic after its outbreak forced her to visit children of the liberation struggle for the first time.

The Swapo administrator made these comments on Saturday, when she, alongside residents from her neighborhood – Rocky Crest – visited the children of the liberation struggle to hand out food parcels and other basic household needs.

Known as ‘struggle kids’, the children of the liberation struggle – whose parents either died during the liberation struggle or are currently languishing in poverty – have been housed at a Swapo-owned farm, some 15 kilometers outside Windhoek for years now.

“They fought for this country and sacrificed their lives for the betterment of this nation [and] country,” she said.

But it took a global pandemic for the SG to pay the struggle kids a visit, she admitted on the day.

Shaningwa and her entourage were accompanied by around 10 police officers.

“Let me conclude with thanking the inspector of the Namibian Police for bringing me here because I haven’t been here before. It’s the first time. Corona is humbling people and is bringing us together,” a seemingly candid Shaningwa said.

Asked to clarify what she meant by COVID-19 having a humbling factor, she retorted: “When you are humbled, it means you will have to come together because sometimes we were a distance. But at this stage, all of us are attacked by what is going on in Namibia.”

The SG added that this attitude of humility must continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Human beings should be like that,” she said.

The pandemic has killed over 60 000 people and has 1.1 million cases that are currently active.

Shaningwa also emphasised that children of the liberation struggle observe all directives that Namibians are expected to abide by during the lockdown period.

“Stay a little bit not close to each other and one another, both at work and at home,” she said.

“You here should try to do the same [observe social distancing and self-isolation]. I understand the conditions and the situation in which you are living [in]. We are talking about distancing but some of you, in one kambashu [shack], you are already 10, the situation which is not preventable,” she said.

For the struggle kids, COVID-19 is a blessing in disguise as despite the threat that it poses to human life, at least it brought one of their leaders to their doorsteps.

“We thank COVID-19 that our mother [Shaningwa] here. Because we only know you from the office. [But] now because of this disease, our mother is here,” Albertina Ekandjo, the group’s spokesperson said.

More so, when quizzed while on the scene how it feels that Shaningwa’s party – Swapo – is building a N.dollars 700 million headquarters not so far from the farm were its members live in shacks made from plastic bags, corrugated iron, and other makeshift material, Shaningwa replied: “I didn’t come here for media attacks. We should please know what is to address at which platform. I didn’t come here to discuss the building of the Swapo Party headquarters.”

Source: Namibia Press Agency