CoW reminds healthcare providers to dispose of medical waste at approved facilities

The City of Windhoek (CoW) is calling on all healthcare providers to stop disposing of medical waste at unapproved facilities, as it can get them into trouble with the law because the practice is illegal.

A media statement issued Friday by CoW Solid Waste Management Department Chief, Friedrich Koujo, said medical waste generators should know that the treatment of medical waste at any facility not approved by the Municipality of Windhoek is illegal and whoever is caught doing so can be prosecuted. The practice is in contravention of the Public and Environmental Health Act No. 1 of 2015.

Koujo said medical waste must only be disposed of at a waste disposal site, including an incinerator, approved by the local authority, and a person who intends to operate a waste disposal site for business, household, industrial, hazardous, and infectious waste must apply for registration with the local authority concerned as contemplated in the Act.

“We encourage all healthcare providers to familiarise themselves with all relevant regulations and laws of local authorities on how to deal with medical waste in order to ensure strict compliance to these regulations,” said Koujo.

He said the city has been experiencing medical waste dumped in public spaces, especially in the informal settlements – which is irresponsible as it poses dangers to humans and the environment.

Source: Namibia Press Agency