Crayfish beauties and brains coveted ramp

What a night, May 27! Especially for the 14 young beauties and brainswho walked down the catwalk to show case their beauty and brains.

It was a night of glitz and glamour, as the 14 girls vied for the Miss Crayfish 2018 crown. And as if the crown itself was no enough, there came a special crown in the person of artistm,The Dogg bracing the event with an outstanding performance. Nally Frans walked away with the Miss Crayfish crown, with Lucia Kapolo as her 1st Princess, Leigh-Ann Moses 2nd Princess and Frieda Dreyer as Miss Personality. Frans could hardly hold back her joy and excitement at winning the crown. She felt such would complete her persona besides giving her various opportunities which she didn't have before. She attributes her triumph to her lessons and sacrifices, past and present.

I feel this year's pageant was well-planned, the town council has done a very good job, apart from the stalls and exhibitions, people there were very welcoming, and the town was packed with tourists and our people from different towns, states Frans. She encourages fellow contestants who didn't make it, to never give up, but to rather focus on building themselves as models to after their dreams. They should always pray as prayer is very important in everything we do, says she.

Lucia Kapolo,the 1st Princess is also very excited about her title stating that it is indeed an honour and privilege to have this title, seeing this is as one of her greatest achievements ever. Lucia adds that she is very impressed with the pageant as it was enjoyable and memorable.

For the girls that didn't win anything, it does not end here, life goes on and everyone is meant to shine in their own time. I just want to encourage them to [push] harder and achieve their dreams and continue [working on] their weaknesses while perfecting their strengths. They should not give up but continue improving themselves to become aspirations and epitomes of people who perfect themselves by allowing all challenges and opportunities in life.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia