Cream of the Crop Up for Two Stud Auctions

One of the biggest group stud auctions will be hosted by Agra on Wednesday, August 20 and Thursday, August 21 at the AgraBank Windhoek Ring with about 29 breeders offering genetics of thirteen different breeds.

The Namibia Genetics Group and the Superior Genetics Group, both groups of breeders who have been marketing their animals through collective auction for years, have decided to join forces as breeders and sell their animals at one joint auction, called the Namibia Genetics Auction. The group has decided on this name because they strive to make all breeds in Namibia available. It will however primarily be an offer of top genetic material and stringent requirements and measures are in place for participation in the auctions of this group.

The joining of the two groups currently offers breeders of the central and eastern regions of the country the opportunity to offer their stud animals on one gathered auction. The group has given the following motivations for the joining of the two groups – a large number of quality animals give buyer a wide choice

One central opportunity is offered to buyers to shop for and buy their annual bulls or female breeding animals. This saves time and costs as the buyer can do all his planned purchases on one auction.

Discipline and cooperation in the group with a collective objective can be achieved

Transport of the animals can be coordinated and deliveries can be done with fewer costs involved

Kiep Lepen, specialist in stud services remarked in a previous stud service report that larger auctions have a bigger turnover and stud breeders can benefit by being part of such a group. “More animals are offered, more buyers attend the auctions, aertising costs are less and sponsors prefer to be involved in larger groups of breeders”, he said.

About 200 female animals will be on auction on Wednesday, 20 August from 17H00 and on Thursday, 21 August from 11H00, more than 100 bulls will be auctioned.

Source : New Era