Cricket Namibia Will Not Renew Watson's Contract (

Cricket Namibia (CN) has resolved not to renew national team head coach Doug Watson’s three-year contract, which expires at the end of this month.

New Era Sport has reliably established that board members of CN recently took a collective decision not to renew Watson’s contract, following Namibia’s failure to qualify for next year’s World T20 Cup in India.

CN has since moved swiftly to appoint veteran mentor, Dee Thakur, as caretaker coach. It is understood that Thakur has been offered a five-month contract, running from September to January 2016.

Thakur, who was previously involved with various national teams, has been tasked with making sure the players are in the right mind frame ahead of next month’s Africa T20 Cup in Kimberley, South Africa, where the team will face highly competitive opponents.