Crocodile Claims Another Life

Rundu — The police in the two Kavango regions have once again urged residents to be extra cautious when making use of the river.

The warning comes in the wake of a drowning at Mupini village in Kavango West on Thursday as well as a crocodile attack on Friday.

The deadly croc attack occurred at Kake village in Kavango East where a pregnant woman Stephania Kakuru, 25, was attacked by a crocodile at about 08h00 and the crocodile has not yet been caught.

Her body was later recovered.

A 46-year-old woman drowned last Thursday at Mupini village where her body was recovered. She has been identified as Mbalasha Malakia.

“People should be careful, especially now that the river water level is high, this is the time when the river becomes dangerous, we can’t tell people to stay away from the river as it is a source of many things for the people living near it. But please be careful, be in someone’s company and I’m sure they know the safe spots, ” said Chief Inspector Chrispin Mubebo the spokesperson for the Namibian police in both Kavango East and West.