CSR key to attract top talent

Windhoek-Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes are a key opportunity to boost engagement and attract top talent, research among top employers shows.

Effective CSR programmes grow the three Ps: profit, people and planet says Billy Elliott, Country Manager of the Top Employers Institute Africa.

In a statement issued by Senior Content Manager at South African Rothko brand partner, Michelle Ford, Elliott stated that increasing this triple bottom line is a consistent pattern among top employers and research shows 97 percent of top employers across Africa have defined an organisation-wide CSR programme.

Elliott stated that Top Employers Institute, which recognises excellence in the conditions employers create for their people globally, helps organisation stay on top of current HR best practices. He explained that it recommends a combination of approaches for ensuring an effective CSR programme: defining the programme throughout the organisation, making information about the programme freely accessible, and consistently evaluating its impact and effectiveness.

Taking CSR seriously as a differentiator is as essential in the growing competition for talent as it is for reputation-building among stakeholders, he stated.

Elliott further said CSR and sustainability programme are the primary way that organisations demonstrate their willingness to improve society and give back in a meaningful way. As such, these initiatives are emerging as a key mechanism not only to make employees feel proud and involved with the organisation, enhancing organisational culture � but to attract new talent.

Talent Manager for Top Employer Africa Unilever, James Hu, says CSR is part of the company's core strategy and underpins Unilever's sustainable living plan (USLP), a blueprint for achieving growth without additional environmental impact and with greater social benefits.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia