Cuba prepares for UN General Assembly vote on lifting of embargo

Ambassador of Cuba to Namibia, Sidenio Acosta said he is hoping for a change in United States (US) foreign policy towards Cuba but fears with Trump at the helm things might actually get worse before they become better.

In an exclusive interview with Nampa at his residence in Windhoek, Acosta said the United Nations General Assembly will be voting from the 7-8 November on the U.N. resolution titled 'Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba'.

He said since Trump took over the U.S Presidency, significant gains made during the preceding Obama years in normalising diplomatic relations between the two countries have since gone backwards.

As a result, he said he believes that the US and Israel will vote against the lifting of the sanctions while the other 193 members of the UNGA will vote in favour of the lifting of sanctions when voting takes place next week.

In a speech availed to Nampa, on Friday, 25 October, President Hage Geingob, called for the lifting of the economic embargo on Cuba in his speech at the 18th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Baku, Azerbaijan

Namibia and Cuba are both member states of the NAM.

Geingob said the embargo continues to prevent the Cuban people from realizing their national potential and attaining economic prosperity.

Acosta told Nampa, Cuban nationals in Namibia are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the vote and applauded Namibia's commitment to ensuring the world knows about the plight of the Cuban people since the embargo was introduced on 19 October 1960.

He said Cubans continue to suffer hardship because of its inability to trade freely on the international market as a result of the sanctions.

Cuba is a sovereign state. The embargo is extra-territorial in nature. According to the embargo, countries like Namibia who would like to trade with Cuba are at risk of being black-listed from doing business in America. This flies against the principle of the sovereign equality of all member states of the U.N., Acosta said.

Acosta added that the embargo continues to undermine Cuba's sovereignty and is an act of aggression against the country and its people.

Source: Namibia Press Agency