D-Jay Leaves Izinyoka

A DISATISFIED D-Jay has left Izinyoka after four years with the label, claiming that his music career was becoming stagnant.

D-Jay said he knew about two years ago that he would leave the label.

One of the reasons for this, he says, is that he felt he was not being productive having not released an album yet during his time with the label.

“I appreciate everything they have done for me, but I feel that it was not enough,” D-Jay said.

He added that he has over 50 tracks recorded, but the release of his album has always been put on hold for one or the other reason.

He added that he thinks the reason why things have been moving slowly with regards to his projects is because there is not much passion for music at the record label.

“I have been getting my own gigs and still had to pay a percentage of that to the label, also I was never allowed to see the quotes for the bookings done for me by the label,” D-Jay said.

Explaining why he did not leave the label earlier, the ‘Champion’ rapper said that he was kept around by promises of releasing music videos, his album as well as working with big names like Chris Brown and T.I. from the United States.

Izinyoka Entertainment owner, Stephen Gaeseb confirmed that the artist has left the label, insisting that he has done everything for the artist out of the goodness of his heart.

He added that there may have been a perception that he does not care, but he did give resources to assist D-Jay with his music and that plans were in the pipeline for the release of his work.

“He has currently recorded over 20 to 30 songs.

“I have given them resources and even an office. I went as far as giving him an opportunity to go back to school. I believe he has the potential, but patience is not for everyone,” Stephen said, wishing D-Jay well.

D-Jay says he’s realised that a record label can only be good for an artist if the element of passion for music is present. He aises artists not to sign with a label that lacks passion.

Determined to make his music career flourish against all odds, D-Jay is already working on getting his album released under his own label and will be shooting a video for it this weekend.

Source : The Namibian