Dangerous Leopard Put Down At Spitzkoppe

A LEOPARD which attacked and seriously injured two communal farmers in the Spitzkoppe area near Usakos was put down on Monday.

The attack took place last Friday after the leopard had killed a donkey in the area the day before.

The owner of the donkey in the area, 67-year-old Willem Goaseb and a friend Andries Nangombe, set a trap close to the donkey’s carcass.

The leopard was caught in the wire snare, but managed to break free with the wire around its neck.

When Goaseb and Nangombe trekked the leopard with the intention to kill it, the leopard attacked the two men, landing both in the Usakos State Hospital.

Confirming the incident to Nampa yesterday, the deputy Director of Parks in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in the Erongo region, Ulrich Boois, said the leopard was indeed killed.

“We decided it must be killed because it is a danger to humans and animals,” he said, adding that the search for the leopard started on Saturday.

Boois said Gert van der Walt, a trophy-hunter from the #Gaingu Conservancy, managed to trek the animal and kill it.

Goaseb and Nangombe are still in hospital, but are both reported to be in stable condition.


Source : The Namibian