Dausab Family Says Sorry

THE family of Andre Dausab, the man who allegedly murdered his girlfriend Gofaone Motlamme (33) on Saturday in Windhoek, has asked for forgiveness from the nation and the family of the deceased.

Dausab allegedly stabbed Motlamme nine times and slit her throat at the United Lutheran Theological Seminary Paulinum Campus in Pionierspark.

His sister, Maureen Dausas, who spoke on behalf of the family yesterday, said the killing came as a shock to them, and described her brother as a non-violent person.

“This is so painful and difficult to accept. We would like to apologise to the nation, Gofaone’s family and to God for my brother’s behaviour,” a tearful Dausas said.

She also revealed that Motlamme and Dausab had plans to marry in December this year, after his visit to Botswana, where she came from.

“On his return from Botswana last month, Andre told us to start saving money because he wanted to marry her. He was so excited about marrying her. That is why we don’t understand what went wrong,” she said.

Dausas further said she introduced her brother to Motlamme when she was also studying at the same seminary college, and that it is because of this fact that the murder of Motlamme was particularly painful to her.

“Gofaone was a good friend and it was through me that they met. We would like to apologise since Gofaone was like a sister to us,” she said.

Her brother, Dausas explained, is not the same person they knew. “When I went to see him (in custody), he was not the same person we knew. There was a certain wildness in his eyes, and he was very confused.”

Dausas explained that the national response to the murder and the ongoing gender-based violence in the country has caused her family more grief, but also provided them with an understanding of how the public feels.

“All we can say is that we are truly sorry, and all we can do is pray for our families as this can happen to anyone,” Dausas said.

Meanwhile, the governing board of Paulinum and the Lutheran Churches strongly condemned the brutal killing of women, children and other vulnerable people.

In a joint statement, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN), Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) and the German Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELRC) said no human being has the right to threaten or take the life of another person.

Motlamme is survived by two children, her parents, brothers and sisters. She will be laid to rest on Sunday in Botswana.