Debmarine and Mun Smoke Peace Pipe

Debmarine and MUN yesterday reached a three-year agreement to end the planned strike that was set to bring the company to its knees, the union’s general secretary Ebben Zarondo confirmed yesterday.

The union was demanding an increase of 11 percent in basic wages, 15 percent in rental allowance,12 percent in seagoing allowance, a N$600 ticket allowance and N$600 benefit parity allowance for the A3- B2 category.

MUN is the acronym for the Mine Workers Union of Namibia.

The company initially offered a 10.5 percent increase in basic wages,14 percent in rental allowance, 11 percent in seagoing allowance and a N$400 ticket allowance, which the union had rejected.

Zarondo refused to divulge the details regarding the agreement on Wednesday due to confidentiality.

Debmarine Namibia is a 50:50 joint venture marine diamond prospecting and mining company, owned equally by the Namibian government and De Beers. The company achieved a production record of 1.16 million carats last year. During 2013, the company’s turnover reached around N$5 billion and it contributed around N$2.3 billion to the Namibian treasury in taxes and royalties. It also paid out N$1 billion in dividends to its shareholders.

Last month more than 1000 workers at Namdeb Diamond Corporation took to the streets demanding better salaries.

The company was reported to have lost nearly N$60 million in income since the strike commenced on 2 August.

Source : New Era