Defence minister releases report on Kalola’s death

Defence Minister Penda Ya Ndakolo on Tuesday said Benisius Kalola was shot because he refused to surrender his mobile phone, which he allegedly used to film Operation Kalahari Desert officials while executing their duty.

The 32-year-old Kalola died after being shot during an Operation Kalahari Desert patrol in Windhoek on 05 September 2019.

Ya Ndakolo in his report on the incident revealed in the National Assembly that members of the operation were conducting routine operational duties in Khomasdal, where they found a suspected drug dealer with two bales of cannabis in his car.

The suspect was interrogated and subsequently directed the patrol team to the supplier of the cannabis, whose residence is in Katutura's Shanghai Street, opposite the Single Quarters.

It was during the search that the patrol team allegedly detected Kalola in a nearby street 'busy video-recording the cordon and search activities with his mobile phone'.

Ya Ndakolo said recording NDF and NamPol members in action is prohibited because it is dangerous, as such video could be used to identify members who were at the spot for possible revenge or other criminal intents.

Source: Namibia Press Agency