Demshi and Kometsi enter into partnership for Botswana mobile business

Botswana-based Kometsi Telecommunications and Namibian-based Demshi Investment Holdings have agreed to enter into a partnership for the establishment of a telecommunications business that is ultimately expected to lead to the establishment of a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) or similar business in Botswana.

By signing the recent Letter of Intent, both parties indicated their mutual commitment to enter into a partnership and jointly setting up and launching the telecommunications business. This Letter of Intent therefore sets out the terms and conditions upon which the partnership between Kometsi Telecommunications and Demshi Investment Holdings Ltd shall be constituted, reads a statement by Demshi. Kometsi Telecommunications, a private company registered in Botswana, has acquired a telecommunications license, which was awarded to Business Solutions Consultants in 2007 by the Botswana Telecommunications Authority. Kometsi Telecommunications intends to launch mobile telecommunications services through an MVNO or any appropriate Botswana Telecommunications Regulator approved model.

Demshi Investment Holdings is a private company registered in Namibia and is currently in the process of launching an MVNO in Namibia on the Telecom Namibia network. Demshi intends to rollout MVNO's or any other similar telecommunications regulator approved business model in southern Africa commencing with Botswana.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia