Desert Jewels get boost ahead of Singapore tourney

The Namibia Senior Netball team received a timely boost from Debmarine to the value of half a million Namibian Dollars, ahead of their departure to Singapore where they will participate in the M1 Nations cup from 20-26 October.

The Desert Jewels, as the Namibian team is known, will face five other teams namely hosts Singapore, Ireland, Botswana, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands in the six-nation tournament.

Speaking at the announcement of the sponsorship hand over today at Debmarine head offices in Windhoek, the acting Chief Executive at Debmarine Willy Mertens, said they are sponsoring the team with flights tickets, meals, and full uniforms consisting of t-shirts, golf shirts, tracksuits and sneakers.

Netball Namibia has successfully proven to be a worthy recipient of Debmarine sponsorship as evidenced by the successful hosting of the regional championships, the Pent Series, training of umpires and coaches, he said.

He said as a company, they have made a commitment to 'Stand with the girls and women' hence the decision to support Netball Namibia.

Mertens added that by participating in a tournament of this kind, Namibia stands a chance of improving their rankings.

Meanwhile, Rebekka /Goagoses the tournament also provides an opportunity for the team to start their preparations for the 2023 World Cup scheduled for Cape Town.

This competition is a door opener not only as an opportunity for the countries to improve their rankings, but also one for players to be selected by various scouts for overseas leagues, she said.

/Goagoses added that in 2013, Namibia participated in the same tournament, and five of the payers then were given an opportunity to play in various countries overseas.

Grab the opportunity and showcase your best as this may be the chance for you to become an international player. Your best is all we ask for and that will win us games, she pleaded.

The acting president added that after participating in the tournament the same year, Namibia attained a world ranking of 28, but things went down following the withdrawal of the sponsor.

The team which is currently ranked 32, is aiming for a spot in the top 25 in the world.

/Goagoses added that Namibia could not hold its annual Pent Series tournament this year because of the Netball World Cup which took place in the United Kingdom.

The players also received their Namibia colours from the Chief Administrator Freddy Mwiya, who urged the players to represent the country with pride.

Below is the list of the players;

Vehonga Ndjitaviua, Elizabeth Ella Du Plessis, Antoinette Wentworth, Frans Imbileni Omwa Shuweninanawa, Tjatjinda Kamatuku, Leandra van de Walt, Hanyanya Loide Tangeni, Venyekerera Maharero, Anna Etuhole Shipanga, Tjihero Cathline Jaanda, Emmy Kutako, Kaspar Anna Kalaumone Ndeshitila, Jaumbaije Zauana, Tjetjemba Diana Himeezembi, Sunnette Burden (Assistant coach) and Julene Meyer (Coach).

Source: Namibia Press Agency