Designer re-appears with launch of Melisa Poulton Fashions

Windhoek: After disappearing for quite sometimes from the local fashion scene, stylish fashion designer, Melisa Poulton, has finally come out of hiding to showcase what she has been up to by launching her newest summer collections titled Melisa Poulton Fashions.

The launch took place last Saturday night at her new workshop, 18 Banting Street in Windhoek West, where a variety of collections were showcased from casual wears, sports, bridals and evening wears to the awe of a large crowd of fashion lovers. Melisa says there is no specific theme when it comes to her designs, since she creates different looks which are easy to wear and easy to mix and match.

“My garments are different sort of collections, each its own concept. I want to show the public that I can do any type of garment, and that is not just about creating one collection but to have diversity, being able to style yourself and placing good clothing pieces together,” she says.

Melisa adds that most of her clothing pieces that she did recently are pieces for one to mix, match together and create different looks. “You can take some of the clothing pieces, style them well together to give out a sexy look. I have different categories from wedding wear, evening wear, lace cocktail, jumpsuits, mixed casual, black and white, African wear, spring to summer wears and sportswear collections,” she says.

Regarding the Melisa Poulton Fashions, she explains that she has always been wanting to be a designer since she was very young and she has always been very creative her entire childhood. “For me, fashion mostly started with my grandmother. She used to do a lot of needle works and I would sit with her while doing her needle works. We would even sometimes do some needles together, that is where I got that special touch for fashions,” she says.

Melisa studied Cape Academy of Fashion and Designs in Cape Town, South Africa in 2008-2010. “I returned to Windhoek mid 2011 and started working from home with only one domestic sewing machine. Over the years, I have grown and now employed five Seamstresses as my production team,” says she.