Do or Die for Old Warhorses At Electoral College

The Swapo regional coordinators are confident that the 28 candidates from the 14 regions will give the ‘old faces’ in the party a run for their money during the upcoming electoral college slated for month-end.

Swapo’s regional coordinator for Oshikoto, Armas Amukwiyu, on Monday told New Era that with the debut of the party’s much-lauded 5050 gender representation policy, the odds are surely stacked against the never-say-die old guard.

“The regional candidates have an aantage because they already have votes secured from the delegates from their respective regions. Surely the delegates will forsake their candidates. Most of the candidates from the regions are also people who are already in the government structures and most are also well-educated,” said Amukwiyu.

Amukwiyu said the regions would opt to support each other instead of the old guard who are currently dominating the system.

“Most of the candidates are people who are specialists in their respective fields and are well-known cadres,” he said.

“Things have moved I must say – you will see a number of new faces,” he said.

The party’s regional coordinator for Kavango West, David Hamutenya, said the candidates fielded by the regions are well versed in party activities.

“Some serve on party structures so their chances to make it through are high. If you look at the current national leaders, if they vote honestly the regional candidates will make it through,” he said.

Candidates from Oshana, Khomas, Oshikoto, Ohangwena, Otjozondjupa, the two Kavango regions and Zambezi stand a good chance to make it through, Hamutenya said.

“The regions have done their homework and selected the best candidates possible. If these candidates make it through they have the ability to perform wherever they will be posted,” said Hamutenya.

All 14 regional structures have now convened their regional conference where they elected two candidates – male and female – that will attend the ruling party’s electoral college set for this month-end in Windhoek.

All 84 CC members will also attend the convention but not all of them will go into the “pot” as candidates.

A combined 215 delegates and candidates are expected to attend the gathering.

The party wings will dispatch six candidates each, except for the women’s council that will send 10 candidates.

Around 215 delegates and candidates will meet in Windhoek between 29-31 August to decide on the list of Swapo Party members they want to submit as their representatives in the National Assembly, which will be elected during the National Assembly polls in November.

Those who will do battle include all CC members, all regional coordinators, Swapo members of parliament who are not members of the CC, two candidates from each of the 14 regions, six candidates from each of the party’s wings and the affiliated union, National Union of Namibian Workers.

Each region also had to choose four delegates who will attend the proceedings.

At this year’s electoral college, the party’s much-lauded 5050 policy will make its debut, which is seen as a major boost for the female candidates who will be looking to outshine their male counterparts.


KuneneRebecca Ipinge and Thomas Sheya

OhangwenaLina Namupala and Daniel Kashikola

KhomasSackey Shanghala and Agnes Kafula

OshanaAndreas Utoni and Elizabeth Kamati

Kavango WestKletus Karondo and Marina Kandumbu

Kavango EastSebastian Karupu and Faustina Kalei

ZambeziAustin Samupwa and Nora Munsu

HardapKarl Kisting and Caroline Pieters

KarasBernadus Swartbooi and Taimi Kanyemba

OtjozondjupaDr Itah Kandjii-Murangi and Natangwe Ithete

ErongoDerek Klazen and Priscilla Kavita

OshikotoElvin Nashikaku and Aina Kapewangolo

OmusatiLidwina Shapwa and Leevi Kahona

OmahekeFestus Marenga and Sbabe Katamelo

Source : New Era