Diesel prices to decrease

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The price of 50 ppm diesel will decrease by 80 cents per litre while 10 ppm will reduce with 60 cents per litre, effective 07 June 2023, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has announced.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the ministry said petrol prices at Walvis Bay will remain N.dollars 19.78 per litre while the price of diesel 50 ppm will become N.dollars 19.05 per litre and diesel 10 ppm will now cost N.dollars 19.25 per litre.

The statement further noted that a decision was taken to increase the road user charges for road maintenance and construction of new roads by 30 cents from 148 cents per litre to 178 cents per litre, effective 07 June 2023.

“Although the road user charges are increasing by 30 cents per litre, the ministry has made an equal adjustment in the opposite direction to the petrol basic price to keep the petrol prices unchanged and adjustments to the diesel basic price to cater for the increase in the road user charge,” it cited.

The ministry said the exchange rate figures for the period of 01 to 26 May 2023 indicate that the NAD has depreciated against the USD at N.dollars 18.9242 per USD as compared to N.dollars 18.1625 per USD at the end of April 2023.

“The ministry remains hopeful that the market will continue to be favourable, especially for net fuel importing countries (like Namibia) resulting in consumers paying less for fuel products at the pumps,” the statement said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency