DJ Kaycee, the laid-back radio personality

Windhoek: Kaayedza Butshe, better known as Dj Kaycee, is not only know as one of the ultimate Urban Groove king in the country but also one who is appreciated for doing what he does best, DJ-ing and as a radio personality.

Being the very first DJ to ever feature on Big brother Africa in 2011, Kaycee is known as the most honest and influential dance music DJ in the country. Besides being a DJ on a part-time basis, this easy-going radio personality interest in radio came at an early age, referring to radio as ‘the theatre of the mind’. “I grew up listening to old school Hip/Hop and RnB and to some influential radio personality. Radio is something that just come naturally to me and learnt it on while on a job training and so far the experience has been good. I love what I do, can’t picture myself doing something else,” says Kaycee.

Being on fresh for almost seven months now, he describes the station as, “interesting and a very young urban radio station”. Kaycee hosts the C-drive on the station from 15h00 to 18h00 weekdays, a show that focus on urban music and interviews with local celebrities. “What I love about hosting this show is the creative control I have and getting to know people I interview more personally.” He urges local musicians not to expect their music to receive airplay just because they are local but to focus on top off their songs.

“They should put more quality control into their music because when it some to mastering their songs are just not balanced,” he says. Kaycee especially urges Hip/Hop artists who are not comfortable with rapping in English to do this in their home language. “If you are not comfortable with English it’s better you rap in your home language and make it your own.”

The DJ who is very much patient about what he does, desires a local radio, TV and media award to recognise and inspire different personalities in the country.