Dorcas, Mateus Miss and Mr IUM

The newly crowned Mr and Miss International University of Management (IUM), Mateus Cladio and Dorcas Mbevo are both ready and willing to help fellow students.

The crowning took place on Friday night at a well organised event at the Roman Catholic Church Hall in the capital. Both Miss and Mr IUM are already embarking on their long journey to provide what’s best for the school and its students. Mbevo says being crowned Miss IUM means she is the heart and aocate of her fellow students. She adds that she will make sure that they will both unite to accomplish a common goal for the benefit of the institution. “I am also desperately looking forward to work with teenage mothers who have little or no means at all of raising their little ones. Educating our young ones about the dangers and side effects of having a pre-marital sex seems to be fading away, that is why we still have a constant increase of students dropping out of school and other educational factors that might affect our country in the near future. We already know that the youth, the new born babies and their mothers are the future leaders and motivators of our country,” says Mbevo.

She adds that she was very happy receiving the crown on the night and couldn’t stop smiling although each and every time she walks or take part in any beauty pageant she has always been victorious and that is an honourable, humbling and overwhelming feeling for her. “Being on that stage and competing with ten or more girls, one can never know what might happen because the questioning section of the pageant is the most crucial part. Your confidence gets higher once you have realised that have answered very well. The fact that I have never been defeated in any pageant and has never walked away with any subtitle except the main title (Miss), [makes me] wonder how I do it, but I would say it’s the grace of God that is upon me and [gives me] strength to continue with my career,” she says.

According to Mateus, to be crowned Mr IUM is one of his best achievements. “It was the realisation of a dream that made me feel good and for the first time ever in my life I feel like an important person to the whole institution at large. In my tenure as Mr IUM, I intend to create a combination of sourcing donations and strengthening the relationship of students, with the University management. I hope this will be a good example for all my friends and fellow university students,” says Mateus.

Source : New Era