Dozens march against corruption in capital

More than 150 people held on Monday a peaceful demonstration against corruption in the capital.

The peaceful demonstration also coincided with the World corruption day and the petition is under the theme 'We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it,'.

Reading the petition, Affirmative Repositioning Activist, the group's spokesperson, Dimbulukweni Nauyoma said Namibia is at least 52 corrupt nations out of 175 countries according to the 2018 corruption perception Index reported Transparency International.

Nauyoma added that corruption in Namibia rank averaged 47.76 per cent from 1998 until 2018, reaching an all-time high pf 61 per cent in 2008 and a low record in 2002.

The group which demanded for Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to step down from the office said the record shows a great increase of corruption over the period 14 years which reflect that corruption in Namibia has been normalised and to a very great extend became systematic.

This poses a great danger to our democracy and functionality of state institutions and a major contributing factor is uncoordinated polices of the ACC, Nauyoma noted.

Nauyoma further added that corruption in Namibia has become terrorism and the country now is vulnerable to terrorist activities and terrorist organisations are ready to use it to finance and perpetrate their acts.

The march against corruption included demands on cases such as N.dollar 5.5 billion oil storage,36 million genocide United Kingdom lawyers,23 million Kora awards, and the 3 billion on mass housing program amongst others.

After ACC) Director, Paulus Noa told a group that GIPF is a case is being handled by the office of the Namibian Police Force and is not within the ACC mandate, the group decided to go on an unspecified date to the office of the Inspector �General of the NamPol Sebastian Ndeitunga for clarification.

Receiving the petition, Noa said corruption is a fight against by all and he can only deal with issues that are within ACC mandate.

Source: Namibia Press Agency