Drinking Spree Mars Study Retreat

The Regional Education Directorate at Keetmanshoop in the Karas Region was tight-lipped on Tuesday about reports that some pupils attending a spring school at Karasburg were sent home after they went on a drinking spree.

The learners were sent packing to their respective towns after it emerged they were boozing in the hostels over the weekend.

Education director, Hawebahe Joeseb, told New Era upon enquiry that he could not comment as he had not yet received a full report from supervisors at Karasburg’s Ernst Jagger Senior Secondary School.

He however lamented that the media was apparently looking for “negative publicity” on what he claimed was a petty issue.

“Other regions’ holiday schools were presented to the nation in a positive light and I wish we can do the same for this one,” said Hoeseb. Hoeseb acknowledged four male learners of Angra Pequena Senior Secondary school at Luumlderitz and another two of P.K. De Villiers at Keetmanshoop were sent home for sneaking out of the hostels and drinking alcohol. All are Grade 12 learners. Well informed sources said the boys and girls involved apparently were drinking which later resulted in bad behaviour.

A teacher told New Era the holiday school retreat was continuing and the participants were very happy.

“This incident is nothing to worry about,” he said.

Meanwhile, a parent of one of the participating children says spring schools should not be held at one place as it is difficult for teachers to control the children. “There are some three hundred children participating in the programme at Karasburg at the moment. It would have been better if the kids attended spring school in their own respective towns,” he said.

Source : New Era