Drought relief food for all needy people: Amutse

Omusati regional councilor for Oshikuku constituency, ModestusAmutse dismissed the allegations that drought relief food is only given to Swapo members in his constituency.

Amutse dismissed the allegations while speaking at the official opening of the second edition of the Oshipe Annual Trade Fair at Oshikuku on Tuesday.

Asked to shed light on the source of the allegations, Amutse said a caller in the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Oshiwambo radio station called-in program recently claimed that the distribution in Oshikuku is discriminatory.

According to him, the allegations are untrue as drought relief food is provided to the most affected individuals in his community irrespective of color, race, political affiliations or tribe.

Amutse pointed out that his office received no report over the matter, despite the spread of rumors like wildfire.

I challenge anyone to come forth with proof and report the matter without fear, cited Amutse, adding that there are currently 241 people registered as beneficiaries in Oshikuku.

Out of 214 000 registered drought affected people, which are 33 600 households, only 2 868 people are thus far registered to benefit from the relief program.

Source: Namibia Press Agency