Drought relief food not for everyone: Nashandi

Some community members of Onanke village of Omuntele constituency in the Oshikoto Region are claiming that the government food relief programme distribution is discriminatory.

The government started rolling out the drought relief programme in June 2019, following the declaration of drought as a national emergency by President Hage Geingob.

Venting her frustration to the media on Saturday during the launch of the Etosha National Park Fence construction held at Onanke, Etosha National Park, Julia Josef said only some houses are receiving the food parcels, despite the effect of lack of rainfall in 2018/19 affecting every village resident.

It is unfair for food to only benefit some people while all of us are starving. So why was it declared as a national disaster if only some are benefiting, she said.

She further noted that, as long as there is an individual working from a household then that homestead is not eligible for the food parcel.

She described it as an affair justification because in many cases that one employed individual finds it difficult to cater for the whole family.

Another disgruntled resident Josefina Mandela, said though they complaint the affair treatment to the councillor nothing was done.

It seems like our councillor is only representing other villages in Omuntele constituency, but us here in Onanke village we are suffering, even when it comes to youth employment opportunities in the constituency his focus is always on other villages, she said.

Some community members also complained about the lack of water in the area, saying that they walk 16 kilometres to access water point.

Councillor of Omuntele Constituency, Sacky Nangula confirmed the uneven of food distribution within the constituency, attributing it to low quantity of food parcels received from Head Office.

Nangula explained that the constituency which house 108 villages only gets 700 to 1000 food parcel to cater the whole constituency per month.

Due to the amount of food parcel the constituency receives, we had to sat as a council and identify the neediest community members as the food parcel would not be enough to cater for everyone, he said.

Nangula also explained that the matter was reported to the regional office for consideration of food parcel allocation.

Source: Namibia Press Agency