Drunk cop threatens Sibbinda resident

Members of the Sibbinda policing community have voiced their concern after a member of the Namibian Police Force was allegedly involved in a fierce argument with a resident over the weekend after a drinking spree.

It is understood that an argument arose when a member of the public greeted the policeman at a bar in Sibbinda area late on Saturday afternoon.

The policeman, whose name was given to New Era, reportedly did not receive the greeting well and started attacking the person who had greeted him. Another member of the public then intervened and advised the man never to greet the policeman again.It was then that the police officer allegedly lost it, pulled out a pistol and threatened to shoot the intervener for getting involved in matters which do not concern him. It is very disturbing and we are surprised that police officers are allowed to roam the streets with work guns when they are not on duty, said a community policing member who did not want to be identified for fear of possible reprisals.The community policing member also said the policeman followed the member of the public around even after he had run away from him, and continued to threaten to shoot him. We witnessed everything � we saw the police officer pull out a gun and threaten him, 'I can shoot you right now,' he said.According to the community policing member the police were called to Sibbinda and the complainant was advised to open a case of assault through threatening.

When contacted for comment Deputy Commissioner Evans Simasiku said he was unaware of the incident.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia