DTA Calls On Pohamba to Announce Election Date

THE DTA of Namibia has called on President Hifikepunye Pohamba to announce the date of the upcoming elections so that political parties can start making the necessary preparations for a vigorous campaign.

Namibians will go to the polls in November this year to elect a new National Assembly as well as a new president.

President of the DTA, McHenry Venaani made this call during his party’s extraordinary executive committee meeting in Windhoek on Saturday. “It is very important for the DTA to know when the elections are going to take place. The Swapo Party has its plans already cut out. They know when the elections are taking place. Their planning is very well-oiled,” he claimed.

Venaani said the ruling Swapo Party has an “unfair aantage”, as they are already in the know about when exactly the elections will be held.

He called on the Head of State and the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to announce the exact date for the elections as soon as possible.

The DTA leader accused the ruling party of not listening to the Namibian people during the recent debate on the Third Constitutional Amendment Bill, because of Swapo’s two-third majority in parliament.

The Bill which was tabled by Presidential Affairs Minister Albert Kawana in the National Assembly early in August 2014 will create a position of vice President to be appointed by the Head of State, while increasing the number of National Assembly and National Council members.

The Bill was passed in the National Assembly last week.

Venaani accused the ruling party of abusing its powers with its two-third majority “to do whatever they want”.

He said the challenge is now for opposition parties to break down that majority. Venaani also called on the young voters who registered to vote in the upcoming general election to play a more active role in determining the future of their country. These new voters make 44% of the electorate.

“If that 44% of voters can vote against Swapo, it would be possible to bring a political balance in the country,” according to the DTA president.

Venaani said Namibians feel his party can make a difference in the country, because many Namibians have now joined the DTA.

About the way forward for the DTA, Venaani suggested that political reform is the way to go.

He called on his party members to work together and not to turn a blind eye to political reforms that will strengthen the party.

“After the elections, the party should do an in-house soul-searching of where the party wants to be. Poverty alleviation and the 5050 representation of women are issues also high on our agenda. The DTA should rise to the occasion and help more women attain high positions in the party,” he said.

He added that youth empowerment should also be a serious consideration. “People see us as their hope. We should work very hard to take over power. We need to go out and get their vote so that we are better represented and implement their ideas and put them into action,” he said.

– Nampa

Source : The Namibian