DTA stalwart Ndjiharine quits PDM for RDP

Founding member of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA) � now known as the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) � Uahindua Ndjiharine quit the PDM and joined the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP).

Ndjiharine announced his decision at a press conference on Thursday, which was also attended by RDP president Mike Kavekotora.

I, Duludi Uahindua Ndjiharine [a] founding member of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance and also former Member of Parliament have resigned from the PDM due to immature political leadership at our former political home, Ndjiharine said.

According to Ndjiharine, being devalued and alienated in PDM are among the reasons why he left the official opposition party.

Ndjiharine believes that he still has much to offer in terms of the political direction that Namibia should take.

Another chief reason for Ndjiharine's parting ways with PDM is what he referred to as its leader's dictatorial leadership style.

McHenry Venaani is like a dictator. He is like Idi Amin. McHenry doesn't like people to share their ideas. I have tried my best to engage him but if you attempt to save your money in the ocean, you will be wasting time your time, he said.

At the occasion, Kavekotora hailed the arrival of Ndjiharine as a crucial one.

I have known you since 1986 when I returned from the United States. You are a great leader and your record speaks for itself. We welcome you to the RDP family and work starts now. If I see that you are not living up to your full potential, I will point that out, an elated Kavekotora said.

Contacted over the departure, Venaani seemed unfazed and unperturbed.

In fact, Venaani laughed off Ndjiharine's exit.

People should never use their own downfalls [and blame it] on other people. Ndjiharine wanted to become president [of PDM] during the last congress. He was running around the whole country lobbying to challenge me which we allowed him to do. But when he came to Congress, he failed secure any nomination, Venaani said.

He accused Ndjiharine of being a bitter tribalist who never accepted Venaani ousting of former party president Katuutire Kaura in 2013, a position the latter had occupied since 1998.

He is a former Kaura loyalist and after the defeat of Kaura, he never accepted any reforms. He was the person running around throwing membership cards away just to show that people don't want Venaani as a leader, he said.

He also dismissed claims that he runs PDM as though it was his private property.

Ndjiharine does not understand the concept of what a dictator is. Under my watch, this party has had four congresses, something they never had under the 15 years of their leader, he dismissed.

Source: Namibia Press Agency