Duplicate deductions at Pick n Pay stores countrywide

Pick n Pay Namibia has confirmed that due to technical errors with its acquiring bank, there have been duplicate

deductions of customers' card transactions at various of its stores countrywide.

A spokesperson of the retail group said the bank was actively working on reversing the duplicate transactions, and hoped that the matter would be resolved within 72 hours and at the same time re-assured customers that the Group's systems are secure and have not been compromised.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson encouraged all affected customers to contact their respective banks while the matter is being resolved to complete a dispute form.

With regards to a WhatsApp (message) currently doing the rounds advising the public to refrain from 'swiping cards at PnP due to the PnP system apparently being hacked and cards being cloned' � Pick n Pay herewith wishes to advise that this is a malicious rumour and strongly encourages customers to refrain from forwarding the message.

If you suspect that your card has been cloned, please contact your bank immediately to report your suspicions, the company advised in a cautionary statement.

We are in regular contact with the acquiring bank to have the matter resolved, and to ensure that all customers' duplicate deductions are reversed as soon as possible. Your safety is important to us and we therefore request you to please remain vigilant, it said.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia